44% of young people do not plan to seek professional development abroad 44% of students do not plan to seek professional development abroad after completing their higher education, but to develop in our country. 38% would work in another country if they had the opportunity, and only 9% intend to go abroad. This shows the latest study of ManpowerGroup Bulgaria “Career expectations of young talents” The survey includes the responses of 351 Bulgarian students who have studied or are still studying in the country and abroad. It also shows that the majority of them (42%) are looking for long-term employment between 3 and 5 years at the beginning of their careers and only 16% think that it is normal to change their employer within three years. “The results of our latest survey unequivocally show that the days when young people jumped from company to company in search of the perfect employer are long gone. Today, they have much more information about what is happening on the market and often plan their career path in advance, knowing how, where and why they want to develop, “said Maria Stoeva, Sales and Business Development Team Manager at ManpowerGroup Bulgaria. “However, there is still a great need for them to receive a comprehensive career guidance in their school years in order to have greater clarity about all opportunities for professional realization in the current and future sectors.” Also, the three most important factors for young people that motivate them to choose a new employer are the opportunities for career growth (79%) and the acquisition of new knowledge (72%), as well as good interpersonal relationships in the team (63%). Among the least important factors are the additional benefits, the company’s product portfolio and the possibilities for remote work and flexible working hours. “It is not surprising that the additional benefits no longer cause the same motivating effect in job applicants and employees, because over the years they have become a given and can not replace adequate monthly pay. They remain highly valued as long as employers communicate them effectively and offer a choice of additional benefits, because each employee has different needs and expectations. ” How can you get a student loan In addition, young talents expect their future leaders to be able to give constructive feedback on the results of their work (81%), to organize all work activities effectively (75%) and to motivate team members (73%). One of the hottest trends in human capital management, gamification, is also emerging as an important element of the employer brand: more than half of respondents believe that the gamified selection process and gamified training are more effective, more interesting and more engaging. compared to traditional methods. “The new modern, or gamification of familiar HR processes, is already part of the employer brand of any organization that wants to attract the younger generation. Such methods of selection and organization of work processes would help each company to attract and engage young talents in its teams, “added Maria Stoev.