For employers


Eurora Consult Agency is one of the newest agencies in the mediation services sphere of the Bulgarian and the European market. We offer fast and convenient services in the recruitment of quality workforce in all branches of the economy. Today’s global market requires higher and higher quality workforce. Our role is to supply it to you. Our main goal is the short term achievement of efficiency, reliability and high results. We choose qualified staff that meets your requirements and criteria. Our services are aimed at clients with small, medium and large businesses. The strategic location of our office in Sofia is another prerequisite for quality and full implementation of our tasks. As your partner, we will help you build a remarkable reputation as a result of a service based on the professional selection of qualified staff at all levels, as well as mutual cooperation and fairness.


  • We select and assess the applicant based on the employer’s criteria and on the job-specific
  • We organize preliminary personal video or telephone interview between the employer and the applicant to make sure that our client’s needs are satisfied.
  • We provide assistance with formal insurance and social procedures.
  • We carry out marketing research for: remuneration in similar to our client companies, working conditions, etc.
  • We conduct final elimination checks on medical status, court history, professional experience, additional qualifications and foreign language competence.
  • We prepare a personal employment file for each applicant.
  • We organize trainings for companies as we working with some of the leading specialists in the field.
  • We organize company presentations for work abroad.