EURORA CONSULT EOOD is a licensed recruitment agency for Bulgaria and abroad.
We specialize in recruiting low, medium and highly skilled employees,
being able to source manpower from countries such as: Bangladesh and Nepal.
We have a database of candidates in various sectors such as:

• Production
• Agriculture
• Textile industry
• Woodworking
• Animal husbandry
• Construction

We will take care of the preparation of all administrative and related activities
costs as follows:

• Preparation of the CV of the candidates in Bulgarian
• Video presentation of each candidate
• Launching of applications to all Bulgarian institutions
• Management of Work Permits 3:
• Airline tickets
• Medical examination
• Work visa (1 year)

We would like to offer a partnership with your company, and we also want to
we guarantee a fast and transparent procedure for the preparation process of all types
documents related to the candidates.